Firmware and APIs

with NeuroMem inside

NeuroMem IP platforms

Gear #1: NeuroMem simulation

  • 1024 neurons
  • Latencies proportional to network capacity
  • C++ source code
  • C++ behavioral test script
  • Compatible ARM/RISC

Gear #2: NeuroMem on FPGA

  • 128 neurons
  • AXI interface
  • Vivado Project file for Xilinx ZYNQ
  • Verilog behavioral test script

Gear #3: NeuroMem FTGA

  • 128 neurons, expandable
  • Optimized memory usage
  • AXI interface
  • Xilinx Vivado project file for ZYNQ
  • Verilog behavioral test script

Field proven IP

The NeuroMem IP is easy to integrate into an ASIC or FPGA and this has been proven numerous times by General Vision and its customers.

All the neurons are identical and composed of a memory cell and some processing logic. They can be copied and pasted as many times as your footprint authorizes and simply interconnected through a common bus of 26 lines called the NeuroMem bus.


  • General Vision
  • 1024 neurons
  • Video recognition logic
  • I2C and parallel bus

Quark SE

  • Intel Corporation
  • 128 neurons
  • The pattern recognition engine of integrated in the Quark SE chipset


Deploying a NeuroMem engine


Collect data, visualize, curate, annotate with labels


Train the neurons with features extracted from annotations


Verify the classification of new datasets, identify uncertainties


Export the knowledge built by the neurons

NeuroMem I/Os

Harwdare driver to access the neurons through their parallel bus or other communication bus such as I2C and SPI.

CogniPat library

Library to manipulate vector data and broadcast them to the neurons for learning or recognition. Data can derive from any data types including  text, packets, measurements, images and waveforms.

CogniSight library

Library to manipulate pixel data, extract feature vectors from regions and broadcast them to the neurons for learning or recognition. Pixel data can come from image files or image frames from a live or stored video streams.

Integrated Software Toolchain

Training services

  • Reduce development time and costs through faster learning and targeted case studies
  • Get full insight on how to deploy NeuroMem neural networks for your applications from concept to implementation

Standard Course

  • Academic presentations, demonstrations
  • Hands-on exercises
  • 1 to 2 days off-site or on-site
  • Download information

Technology Assessment Program

  • Standard training
  • Site license for all software used during session
  • 20 hours of consulting to 2 points of contact
  • Download information