Use models of NeuroMem neural networks

The NeuroMem® neurons have many use models thanks to their trainability, detailed and responsible outputs, traceability, speed performance and low-power requirement.


Pass/Fail inspection, part inspection, person identification, target recognition, signal authentication, keyword matching, and more.


Food grading, medical imaging, signal monitoring, sentiment analytics, and more.

Novelty detection

Part defect detection, surface inspection, EEG/EKG monitoring, noise removal, and more.

Template matching

Authentication, semiconductor inspection, printing press calibration, and more.

Target tracking

Cell biology, motion classification, security, consumer behavior analysis, and more.

Clustering and Trending

Application Notes

Face detection and identification with NeuroMem

Face detection and identification with NeuroMem

Face detection with a NeuroMem network Face and voice recognition with NeuroMem (IIT Delhi) Part1: Face recognition with NeuroMem CM1K chip Part2: Face recognition with NeuroMem IP Identification of a person based on voice and face recognition (Auckland University)...

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