High-speed, low-power, trainable,

Image and Pattern Analytics for IoT to Big Data


Our image and pattern recognition hardware works hand in hand with our CM1K™ neuromorphic chip to power vision systems with real-time learning and recognition at practical size, cost and power consumption. The CM1K chip is a product of General Vision Inc.


NeuroMem evaluation board for the makers (“BrainCard”)

Put the NeuroMem CM1K chip at work to learn and recognize images and signals in real-time and at low-power ♦ Configurable FPGA to interface to CMOS sensor, A/D converter, microphone, GPIOs, SD card ♦ Connectors compatible with Arduino, Raspberry PI and Intel Edison.

NeuroStack for high-performance recognition 

High performance image and video analytics system ♦ Multi modal pattern recognition ♦ Sensor fusion ♦ Scalable by stacking boards (from 4096 neurons up to 100,000 neurons) ♦ Configurable through FPGA programming