A technology already in action

Neurons inspect fishes in the North Sea

Neurons inspect fishes in the North Sea

Pisces Fish Machinery Inc. has developed and sold over 50 smart cameras powered by NeuroMem neurons to inspect fishes directly on the fileting lines on-board of fishing vessels. At the beginning of a new expedition, the fishermen perform the training of the neurons...

Powerful analytics for your streamed and stored data

NeuroMem-powered Smart Sensors

Power your sensor hubs to learn and make decisions locally. Whether on an industrial machinery, under the hood of a vehicle, or around a wrist, the ability to learn and classify patterns coming directly from a sensor is game-changing.

NeuroMem-powered Smart Storage

​Turn your storage devices into local, secure and configurable engines to analyze your data. Whether it is text, audio or image data, you can comprehend its content as a single item or as part of a larger dataset. 

Not just words...

Read what international market research companies have to say about the NeuroMem® technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Analysis Report - 2020-2026

  • By Size, Share and Growth; By companies, region, type and end-use industry.
  • Key Players – Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft, General Vision

Self-Learning Neuromorphic Chip Market – Forecast 2023

  • By Application (Image Recognition, Signal Recognition, Data Mining); By Vertical (Healthcare, Power & Energy, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Aerospace & Defense, Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, Others) 
  • Key players – IBM, Qualcomm , HRL Laboratories , General Vision, Numenta , Hewlett-Packard , Samsung Group , Intel Corporation, Applied Brain Research Inc. , Brainchip Holdings Ltd..

Neuromorphic Computing Market Analysis - 2017-2023

  • By Application (Image Processing, Signal Processing, Data Mining). By End User (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Military & Defense, Healthcare).
  • Key players - IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Intel , Qualcomm , General Vision, Brain Corporation, Vicarious, Knowm Inc., and Numenta.

Neuromorphic Computing Market - Global Forecast to 2022

  • By Offering (Hardware, Software); By Application (Image Recognition, Signal Recognition, Data Mining); By Industry (Aerospace & Defense, IT & Telecom, Automotive, Medical & Industrial) and Geography.
  • Key players - IBM, HP Corp., Samsung Electronics Ltd., Intel , HRL Laboratories, General Vision, Applied Brain Research, and BrainChip.

Frost and Sullivan Award

New Product Innovation Award
Cognitive Computing Processors for Pattern Recognition
North America, 2012