Guy Paillet

Chairman, CEO and CTO

Guy is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and the co-inventor in 1993 with an IBM France team of the ZISC (Zero Instruction Set Computer), a neural network chip actively manufactured by IBM. He brings a long experience in semiconductors, parallel architectures and neural network technology. In 1976 he was one of the first to introduce the Motorola MC6800 in France and in 1980 designed for ASM with Arthur Del Prado team, the first diffusion furnaces controller, installed in Thomson in Grenoble. Prior to joining General Vision in 1999, he served in Data Sud Systems (VME) as CEO. In 1996 he moved to Silicon Valley with the ZISC developing a  new generation of natively parallel combinatorial neurons chips NeuroMem® used all over the World, in the US, EU, including in Asia (Korea, India, Japanese) and Russian steel industries.
He is pursuing “Generic Vision” by “non fetch and decode” methods, especially with the “Monolithic Image Perception Device” jointly patented with Asahi Glass .

Marc Maman

Executive VP, Business Development

Marc brings us over 40 years experience in executive management, corporate strategy, and World Wide Sales. After having being Marketing Director with Motorola just after the  birth of the first Motorola microprocessor MC6800 from 1979 until 1994 then Marc joined ST Microelectronics served as Key Account and Distribution Director for Great China at ST Microelectronics, and later as Regional Vice President in Shanghai until 2015, before joining General Vision.




Nam Le

VP of Engineering

Nam brings us more than 30 years of experience in electronic engineering management and manufacturing in USA and foreign coutries(e.g. Vietnam). Nam worked in Guy’s team in France in the early 1990’s. He graduated from a French Polytechnic University and then from Kanto Gakuin University (Yokohama Japan). Nam brings a solid experience in getting going from R&D and concept to AI products that end users benefit from.



Anne Menendez

Founder & Advisor

Anne Menendez founded GTFS Inc., a machine vision company in 1987. Guy Paillet joigned Anne in 2000 and they renamed GTFS as General Vision Inc. (GV).
She left GV in 2019 after spending 20 years doing a fantastic work of software development, NeuroMem ASIC’s development as well as training/technical documentation. Anne remains a significant shareholder and advisor of GV.


General Vision Inc.

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San Francisco CA 94105, USA