Our Mission

General Vision is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence across all industries and in our every day lives.


A roadmap crossing paths with IBM and Intel


  • ZISC
  • co-invented with IBM
  • 36 and 78 neurons


  • CM1K
  • General Vision
  • 1024 neurons


  • QuarkSE
  • Intel Corporation
  • 128 neurons inside


  • NM500
  • Nepes Corporation
  • 576 neurons


IP Portfolio

  • NeuroMem® IP for ASIC
  • NeuroMem® IP for FPGA
  • GDSII of the NM500 chip

Patent Portfolio


International Neuroal Network Society
edge AI and Vision Alliance

Awards and Acknowledgment in industry reports:

Frost and Sullivan Award

New Product Innovation Award
Cognitive Computing Processors for Pattern Recognition
North America, 2012

Neuromorphic Computing Market - Global Forecast to 2022

  • By Offering (Hardware, Software); By Application (Image Recognition, Signal Recognition, Data Mining); By Industry (Aerospace & Defense, IT & Telecom, Automotive, Medical & Industrial) and Geography.
  • Key players - IBM, HP Corp., Samsung Electronics Ltd., Intel , HRL Laboratories, General Vision, Applied Brain Research, and BrainChip.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Analysis Report - 2020-2026

  • By Size, Share and Growth; By companies, region, type and end-use industry.
  • Key Players – Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft, General Vision

Neuromorphic Computing Market Analysis - 2017-2023

  • By Application (Image Processing, Signal Processing, Data Mining). By End User (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Military & Defense, Healthcare).
  • Key players - IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Intel , Qualcomm , General Vision, Brain Corporation, Vicarious, Knowm Inc., and Numenta.

Self-Learning Neuromorphic Chip Market – Forecast 2023

  • By Application (Image Recognition, Signal Recognition, Data Mining); By Vertical (Healthcare, Power & Energy, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Aerospace & Defense, Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, Others) 
  • Key players – IBM, Qualcomm , HRL Laboratories , General Vision, Numenta , Hewlett-Packard , Samsung Group , Intel Corporation, Applied Brain Research Inc. , Brainchip Holdings Ltd..