CM1K, neuromorphic chip with 1024 neurons

Opening new frontiers for smart sensors and cognitive storage. It can learn and recognize patterns extracted from text, measurement, images and signals with orders of magnitude less energy and complexity than modern microprocessors.

In addition, the CM1K has digital video input port directly connected to a built-in recognition logic which subsamples a region of interest and broadcasts it after each frame to the neurons for immediate recognition.

The default interface to the chip is a 26-pins bidirectional bus, but the CM1K also features an I2C I/O port for a slower but easier access to the neurons.

Neuron capacity 1024
Neuron memory size 256 bytes
Category register 15 bits
Distance register 16 bits
Context register 7 bits
Recognition status Identified, Uncertain or Unknown
Classifiers Radial Basis Function (RBF), K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN)
Distance Norms L1 (Manhattan), Lsup
Recognition logic Subsampling of 1 user defined ROI per frame
Communication I2C