General Vision has signed a distribution agreement with Maker Collider, leading maker community in China to deliver a suite of libraries and tools unleashing the neurons of the Intel Curie module on the Arduino/Genuino 101. The libraries open up the access to the 128 neurons inside the Curie module which are based on the NeuroMem technology pioneered by General Vision. They will allow developers to train everyday objects to perform interesting tasks such as teaching the children how to brush efficiently their young teeth, monitoring health of dogs or favorite animals and much more to come.

“Artificial Intelligence should be an innovation tool in everyone’s hands, you cannot imagine this before the debut of Curie and CurieNeurons, we will work with Intel and General Vision to make it happen, to let people design their intelligent devices using not coding but training.” says Honggang Li co-founder and CEO of Maker Collider.

“General Vision is delighted to team with Maker Collider and Intel to allow the development knowledge in new domains via training instead of programming.