nepes, leader in advanced semiconductor assembly and packaging technologies, and General Vision (GV), leader in the design of digital neural network and low-power AI components, have signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a new wafer chip-scale packaged (WCSP) neuromorphic chip, NM500 with 576 neurons. GV will design the chip based on its NeuroMem® technology, and nepes will have the exclusive rights to manufacture, package and sells this chip worldwide.

The NM500 will have the unique NeuroMem architecture, functionalities and properties including trainability on-the-chip, fixed latency, parallel interconnectivity and low power. It can learn and recognize patterns deriving from text, scientific datasets, bio-signals, audio files, images, and videos, etc. Networks of different capacity can be easily assembled by connecting multiple Chip-Scale Packaged NM500 in parallel. Nepes package design capabilities will allow to manufacture a variety of System-On-Chips (SoCs), System-in-Packages (SiPs) and modules, whether combining neurons and processor in a same chip, or assembling large capacity of NeuroMem networks in a same package.

The 1st samples of NM500 are expected for Q2 2017 with mass production starting Q3 2017. In addition, Nepes and General Vision will keep working together developing products and expanding business areas for neuromorphic products and applications. The NM500 will be the third commercial chip featuring NeuroMem neurons after GV’s own CM1K chip (1024 neurons) and the pattern recognition accelerator of the Intel® Curie/QuarkSE module (128 neurons).

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JD Yoon, Jung-Ho Ahn, Anne Menendez, Guy Paillet, Jeff Woo