General Vision was invited to participate to a webcast organized by QuickLogic on a new AI Ecosystem targeting end points. Indeed, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the proliferation of IoT, there is a need to make devices that process sensor data and make decisions locally. Traditional machine learning algorithms are too memory and power hungry to migrate AI to endpoints with constrained battery life. This calls for NeuroMem neurons with zero latency, low power, low cost and easy to train.

Among the participants were nepes, manufacturer of the NeuroMem NM500 chip, and SensiML, developer of smart sensor algorithms. During his speech, Guy Paillet, CEO of General Vision, emphasized the synergy between the NeuroMem trainable neurons and eFPGAs to design ultra low-power and adaptive search engines. QuickLogic introduced their Quick AI HDK platform integrating their EOS SOC and a network of 2 NM500 chips.